Mobile Application

"Traveling abroad often for business or pleasure? Konnect24 free app is for you……"

With Konnect24 Mobile app your friends, family and associate can talk to you for free after downloading this amazing app on your mobile phone for Android and Apple. Download Konnect24 from our website today, Google Play/Apple Shop and enjoy our very much discounted rates monthly, or simply enjoy our pay as you go plan. No more staying with your computer to receive calls! while you are by the pool within Wi-Fi range, or if you have internet on your mobile phone, drive around the city, visit friends , families or business associates, never miss a call , Stay Konnected on your mobile phone wherever your daily engagements take you.


  Make Free Calls

Get Konnected with Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/ LTE, Calls through. Our Call through feature is very unique, it allows you to make calls when internet connection such as Wi Fi , 3G/4G/LTE data connection are not available. With call through your calls are routed to a local access number in that country, then connects you to our system, the call gets place reaching your party at the same incredible low rates.


You can send message to your contacts using Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/LTE data connection

  Virtual Numbers

You may obtain virtual numbers from 60+ countries. With virtual numbers you may forward your calls to your virtual numbers, it gives you an international presence while at home or away from home. You may be in UK and have a Canada virtual number, your contacts in Canada can call you as if they were dialing a local number. Visit out Virtual number page for more info and to sign up.

Free calls with Konnect 24 app
Download Konnect24 mobile app and have your friends and family download the app as well from anywhere in the world and make free calls, chat, conference, share photos, files and other information, and lots more for free, by using Konnect24 mobile app. View our low rates and participating countries** local numbers. Select a plan and enjoy your calling freedom today. Travel with peace and mind , why worrying about Sim cards when you get to the other country, before you leave home download our free mobile app, purchase your minutes plans and be on your way.