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We offer

We offer high-quality prepaid international calling card service you can use with any phone.Just Singn up to get your calling card.

Great Features

Making your calling experience enjoyable with our amazing features

Calls statistics

Become a member, have access to all your data, from minutes used and available, your account balance, to call destinations and much more. Simply Sign up!!

No hidden fees

Cheapest international calling rates , no gimmicks, no tricks. With our advertised minutes you save up to 90% on all your international calls when you compare us to others. With Konnect 24 its just savings all the way.

Voice Mail

Unavailable to answer your calls? Our voice mail feature will redirect your caller to leave you a message, safely waiting for you to attend to at your convenience

Easy Dial

Simply Pinless, no more card scratching. Once you sign up with Konnect 24, your Pin is safely on your mobile or easily recovered from your account. Just dial and be Konnected with your party.

What is Special About Konnect24

All your calling needs are met with us, Join the Konnect 24 Circle today!!!

  • Free Mobile Application

    Download Konnect24 mobile app and have your friends and family download the app as well from anywhere in the world and make free calls, chat, conference, share photos, files and other information, and lots more for free, by using Konnect24 mobile app. Download Konnect24 from our website today, Google Play/Apple Shop and enjoy our very much discounted rates monthly, or simply enjoy our pay as you go plan.

  • Pinless Dialing

    Our PINLESS cards that allow you to make phone calls Without the need of entering your PINs (thereby the name PINLESS). All Pinless cards sold on Konnect24.com's website are also Rechargeable (which means you can add more money to your Painless phonecard anytime).

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